Executive Coaching




Coaching is the process of unlocking a person’s potential to enhance their performance and growth. It is an opportunity to learn, reflect and apply.


A Sympatico coach provides a confidential and challenging environment, an independent view, constructive feedback and support. The coach works with the client on specific behavioural and skill development needs to achieve the goals that have been set.


We utilise a range of evidence-based frameworks and practical resources drawn from business, psychology, education, career development, health and wellbeing.


 A coaching package consists of a complimentary briefing session followed by a negotiated number of coaching sessions spread over a number of months. The spacing and location of sessions is always negotiated to best fit a client’s needs and schedule.

We specialise in the following coaching services:


  • Leadership and management development

  • Role transition

  • Skill development – communication, advanced listening, negotiation, conflict resolution, defusing defensiveness, delegation, feedback and assertiveness

  • Managing performance -­ individuals and teams

  • Mastering presentation, team meeting and facilitation skills

  • Relationship building and networking

  • Building high performance teams

  • Coaching for results

  • Managing and communicating change

  • Succession planning and talent management

  • Strategic thinking and problem solving

  • Advancing emotional intelligence and self-­awareness

  • Building a personal brand

  • Self management -­ work/life balance, building confidence, stress management, time management

We asked a cross-section of clients: “What happens when you work with a Sympatico Coach?”


  • You take yourself seriously and make the changes you have been thinking about

  • You may realise that your issues just aren’t about work

  • You learn about yourself, gain clarity and set a clear strategy

  • You take responsibility to address confronting feedback

  • You take more effective and focused actions

  • You create momentum so it is easier to get results

  • You acknowledge the value of support as you launch into a new role/project/business or life-change

  • Your thinking can be constructively challenged by a confidential third party

  • You learn new skills, which will result in new choices, responses and results.