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Career to Calling: How to Make the Switch


Do you find yourself at a crossroads in your life? Are you wanting to make a switch in your career? Are you wondering ‘what next’? You are not alone. In this user-friendly book, career coach Annie Stewart guides you through the changes you can implement to move towards passion and purpose.

In seven simple yet profound steps, Career to Calling: How to Make the Switch outlines how you can find and follow your calling, and overcome the fears that are so often in the way of success. Featuring inspirational stories and practical tools based on years of research and experience, this book removes the mystery surrounding callings to help you find clarity and direction.


As the founder of The Callings Program and director of Sympatico Coaching Practice, Annie Stewart is a much sought- after voice for those for those wanting to find work they love, earn a good living and make a difference. Whether you’re a university
graduate, a return-to-work parent, or a working professional, Career to Calling illuminates the path towards fulfillment, and inspires the courage to make a change.

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How to Find and Follow Your Calling:  7 steps to living with passion and purpose.


Annie Stewart guides the reader through seven simple yet profound steps to find and follow a calling in life and work.


The book also addresses some of the challenging obstacles, dilemmas and points of resistance we experience on our journey.


Whether your interest is personal or professional, placed in the right hands at the right time, this guide holds the capacity to transform a life forever.

Featuring unique exercises, dozens of inspiring stories and reflections from the author’s research, work and personal journey.