The Callings Program™




The Callings Program™ evolved from Annie Stewart’s research that was inspired from the feedback from clients who found the help and support to find their calling invaluable and life-changing.



Her research dissertation, A Call to Lead: How to Find, Follow and Sustain Your Calling explored the effects of a calling in career development and leadership. Annie’s research took her around the world and led to interviews and studies with 80 passionate individuals. As her knowledge and reputation increased, she was invited to teach, present at conferences and deliver retreats.


In 2009 her inspiring book, How to Find and Follow Your Calling was launched and immediately struck a chord with people at a cross-road in their lives or who were seeking to clarify their calling and purpose. The second edition, Career to Calling: How to Make the Switch will be released late 2019. 


The Callings Program™ is an engaging and achievable 7 Step process designed to benefit those wanting to find, follow and sustain their calling or purpose.


  • Individual coaching sessions in person or via the phone

  • A comprehensive workbook with proven exercises, assignments and suggestions

  • A follow up program to monitor and support progress

  • Presentations and workshops


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